Professional processing and dependable service

Altmetallschrott nach der Anlieferung
Altmetallschrott nach der Sortierung

For us, quality begins at the buying stage. We place high quality demands on both the old metal we buy and on the processes within the company.

These processes are therefore always carried out promptly and to a professional standard.
We also offer you attractive terms and reliable service. If desired we will collect the material from your premises on request. As a waste management company with certification for quality and sustainability, we can also guarantee that our processes are always environmentally benign.

Contractual models

We offer a variety of contractual models. These include fixed-price or fixation contracts and percentage or flat-rate discounts - we can accommodate your requirements. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can conclude contracts for single loads or on a monthly or annual basis.

Talk to us, and we will work out a suitable contractual model together.

Our employees are ready to help you at any time:

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