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Years of experience and fast, professional processing make us a strong and dependable supplier of aluminium scrap. Our products meet strict quality standards. Special inspection procedures ensure the quality of our products.

Sorted, cut, shredded and pressed into moulds - after this professional preparation, the aluminium scrap is of the highest quality. You can rely on that. Perfectly packaged and prepared, the scrap metal is then passed on to our customers.

Delivery programme

We supply aluminium scrap of every kind. Our assortment includes plates, ISO profiles, shredded scrap and cast scrap as well as cut profile scrap and wire scrap. Depending on customer requirements, we can supply these products loose, loose shredded, loose packaged or packaged on pallets.

Our employees are ready to help you at any time:

Location Krefeld
Sterkenhofweg 27
47807 Krefeld

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E-Mail: duesseldorf[at]grafenberg-metall.com

Location Homburg/Saar
Entenmühlstraße 48
66424 Homburg

Phone +49 (0) 6841 - 18976 - 0
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E-Mail: homburg[at]grafenberg-metall.com