Quality and Environment Management

Nachhaltigkeit bei Grafenberg-Metall

The quality demands that we place on our products apply equally to all our work processes. For us, process optimisation and continual checks are a given. Grafenberg-Metall is certified as a specialist waste management company.

A responsible and sustainable relationship with the environment is of particular importance to us. The recycling of aluminium helps to conserve resources because aluminium retains its properties and value without loss of quality.

Recycling at the most effective level

The global demand for aluminium is constantly increasing, so it follows that the recycling of this material is of growing importance. Aluminium recycling is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly forms of recycling as it not only conserves resources, it is also energy-efficient. In the recycling process 95% less energy be needed compared to prime production.

Aluminium can also be recycled an unlimited number of times. In the ideal recycling loop, a drink can will be made into an aluminium sheet for the manufacture of cans, while scrap from vehicle parts will be made into new engine bonnets. Professional aluminium recycling is thus not only highly economic and efficient but is also a decisive step towards a responsible and sustainable approach to the environment. 

Our certificates of supervision for download.

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